Community Investment Fund

The Community Investment Fund launched in February 2014. The fund invests debt and equity into community based social enterprises and charities in England. The Fund’s investors are the Social Investment Business Foundation and Big Society Capital.

The Fund invests between £150,000 and £2 million in community based, locally led organisations which are providing essential support and services to improve the well-being of local residents, developing the local economy and creating positive social change for all individuals in the community. The Fund aims to improve the quality of life of local individuals, particularly those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, and to enhance community engagement and cohesion by empowering people to develop locally-determined solutions to challenges and opportunities.

To be eligible for investment your organisation must demonstrate the following:

  • Be a community led social sector organisation with a neighbourhood focus (please note we do not provide start-up capital)
  • Based and have operations in England
  • A clear social mission with significant measurable, direct outcomes
  • Strong management with proven capability to deliver
  • Robust business plan and financial projections
  • A clear demonstration of how investment repayment will be made
  • Good corporate governance

Meet the criteria? Please complete the Expression of Interest Form.