Our Investment Approach

We look for organisations providing sustainable solutions to social challenges and our investments aim to deliver positive social impact alongside a risk adjusted commercial rate of return.

We seek to achieve and measure our social impact goals using an impact process which is integrated within our wider investment process.  We are focused on ‘double bottom line’ returns which means our investments seek to generate financial success as well as social value.

We are dedicated to mobilising investment capital to drive social impact.  Our vision is of a market in which access to appropriate capital is no longer a constraint to organisations looking to achieve social impact.  Our long term goal is to structure and manage investments that will unlock further capital.

Our investment approval  process can be summarised as follows:

  1. Sourcing organisations and first screen: we source investment opportunities in different ways.  Through our partners, own connections and extended network.  Organisations seeking investment should review our eligibility criteria and contact us by filling in our short Expression of Interest Form.  Our initial screening process ensures applicants taken forward meet our funds’ basic eligibility criteria.
  2. Preliminary analysis: applicants that meet our criteria will be asked to submit a detailed business plan which articulates the case for investment and clarifies how our investment will be used.  We will evaluate the proposal, examining the business opportunity and the potential social impact generation.  In particular we will assess the revenue model, management team and governance structure, social impact goals and evidence of a social impact plan.  For organisations with a strong business case and clear social impact, we will meet with the management team and organise a site visit if feasible.
  3. Due Diligence: the next stage requires a deeper analysis of both financial and social impact information.  Our internal analysis includes financial and social impact modelling, and working with the potential investee to gather the information necessary for us to structure appropriate terms for the potential investment.  An initial term sheet will be created during the analysis and due diligence phases.
  4. Investment Approval: Once due diligence is complete, a revised term sheet will be produced summarising investment terms agreed with the investee  Social and financial Key Performance Indicators will be established and the SASC management team will submit an investment paper to our Investment Committee for approval.  Investment proposals that are taken to the Investment Committee will have been jointly approved by SASC’s Director of Impact and Director of Investments.